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"We acquired Roger Townsend of Century 21 in March 2005 to list our property in Barrie that had already been on the market since November without success. We were frustrated and needed help that our agent at the time was not providing. When Roger took over the property in March, he provided on going communication about the number of viewings, as well as agent and prospective buyers' comments in the form of weekly feedback. He then advised us of some changes we needed to make to the property, and once those changes were made we had a reasonable offer within 2 weeks. Roger has excellent communication, and organizational skills, he kept us informed, and updated. Most importantly, he was very honest, and worked in a manner that had our best interest in mind. Roger has excellent knowledge of the real estate market, and used his expertise to get us the best offer possible. In our experience Roger went above and beyond our expectations, he made our experience convenient, and hassle free. We would recommend Roger to anyone in need of a thorough, organized, and honest real estate agent."

- Karen and Michael George


"I would highly recommend Roger Townsend to any individuals who are thinking about buying or selling their home. Roger is experienced and knowledgeable in his field, and worked with us to serve our best interests. He was very straight forward, always there to answer our questions and gave us updated feedback on the progress of the sale. It was a pleasure working with Roger. Upon the resale of our home a lot was needed to be done. Roger put everything into perspective for us; And told us what needed to be done. He gave us the contacts to get what ever we needed, in order to negotiate for the price/value of our home. It was amazing. Roger sold our home in less than two weeks at $6000.00 more than we had expected. You can image how pleased we were! If you want results, Roger Townsend is the one. He delivers results!”

- Lorna Tulloch


"Roger is a great agent, very knowledgeable and a friendly person, my husband and I would definitely have him work with us again to buy or sell a property. Roger definitely goes the extra mile for his clients, I have never had an agent work so hard for us before, my husband works odd hours and Roger was very accommodating about taking us out early instead of later to show us properties and he always had a list of three or four for us to see, I think he showed us every available property in Brampton before we found what we were looking for, he gave us advice when we needed it and as it turned out he knew better than we did as to what we were looking for. He took us to see a house that we would never have looked at on our own and as it turned out we loved the house and we ended up buying it and we are very happy with our decision. Roger works very hard for his clients, we would definitely recommend him to anyone buying or selling a property"

- Sheila & Joseph Bembridge


"It is with exceeding joy that I express my sincerest appreciation for the support provided to me by my real estate agent Roger Townsend. Mr. Townsend was instrumental in helping me to achieve a goal that initially seemed so difficult to do on my own, that goal was to purchase my first home. I have leased and rented various types of accommodations over the past ten years, from dingy roach infested basements to rental homes. The thought of owning my home seemed like nothing but a fleeting reality. Now, I can finally say that I am comfortable, safe, secure and happy, thanks to the diligence and care of Mr. Townsend.

Let me briefly explain, I was initially hesitant to make the transition from tenant to owner. I was ambiguous as to what such a move would entail, I had a ton of unanswered questions such as, “Can I afford a decent and respectable place” and, “will I be able to find something in an area of my choice?’ I approached Mr. Townsend with my fears and ambiguities. Mr. Townsend was gracious enough to break down the issues in a manner that was easy to follow thereby putting a lot of my uneasiness to rest. Mr. Townsend was able to point me in the direction of other reliable resources while being respectful if I chose to try others.

Mr. Townsend was there every step of the way and provided service in a manner that was punctual, well researched, and supportive with clear communication; in short he was professional and “on the ball”. Today I am the proud owner of a gorgeous home, one that is affordable and suites my needs. I consider myself blessed to have had such an agent for such a significant move. Mr. Townsend deserves the highest accolades for the dedication he has demonstrated in his line of work, I will be proud to recommend the services of Mr. Townsend to anyone who needs a reliable, honest and dedicated agent."

- Nigel Paul


"Mr. Townsend is a well-skilled and knowledgeable agent who knows exactly how to deal with his clients in real state market. He is an easygoing and understating person and gives you positive energy to keep your hopes high and never get disappointed till you achieve your goals. He is such an expert and I strongly recommend him to those who are in need of an excellent agent."

- Sayeh M.


"It is with great appreciation and sincerity that I wish to thank Roger Townsend for all his services. He has been the best real estate agent ever, very straightforward, can always depend on him, he definitely went the extra mile for my family and I. There was a lot of work to be done when we were selling our home and without the help from Roger I don't think we could have done it on our own. He is truly an amazing person. His experience and expertise is blessed in his field and to top it off he is genuinely the most down to earth person. He is honest and kind and gave us all the feedback on the selling our home. He had our best interest at heart and we greatly admire and appreciate all what he has done for us. We are truly blessed to have found an agent who we can truly call our friend. And it is also because of Roger that we proudly own our new house, our family dream house. Roger Townsend thank you for all what you have done. You are dedicated to your job and to your clients. Once again the Hosein family thanks you. You truly are an excellent real estate agent."
- Neesha Hosein

"Thank you for your consistent help and support during the challenging time of my home purchase. You were very informative and caring."
- Naomi Daley

"Roger Townsend is extremely efficient and hardworking.I was able to view homes of my interest at the drop of a hat. He goes the extra mile to find what interests me. He also makes sure you are absolutely comfortable with your purchase. Roger has excellent communication skills and is also very informative in his field. Very humble person. Thank You Roger."
- Denise T. & family

"Our experience with Roger has been amazing from beginning to end. Roger took the time to really understand what type of budget and home my mother and I desired. Roger was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and undeniably honest. He neither rushed nor forced us to make any decisions regarding our home. Roger was there with each step we took towards our new home. He really took the time to help us find our perfect home. He began to know us so well that in the end... he picked out the home we eventually bought!!! With a charming smile and a warm heart, Roger Townsend helped to make our dream come true."
- Margaret Roberts and Makesha Roberts

"In May of 2007, I began the process of searching for my first home to purchase and acquired the skills of Roger Townsend. Mr. Townsend was thorough, honest, and went above and beyond the call of agent to client duty he answered all questions and prepared me for this major step. He kept me up to date with new listings and was quite willing and patient day or night to follow through with his commitment to finding me the home of my dreams. In November of 2007 I received the keys to my dream home, one that was affordable and had the requirements I needed. I would recommend Mr. Townsend (or Roger) as I have come to know him, to anyone who is looking for a dedicated and honest agent one that you can trust without having to look for any hidden agendas."
- Michelle John

"Thanks to Roger, my wife and I were able to purchase our very first home. We were so nervous about the process of buying a home and had so many questions. Being the professional and calm gentleman that Roger is, he answered all of our questions and made the purchase of our home an amazing experience. I can't thank him and recommend him enough. He truly is one of a kind."
- Ruben and Helen Castro

"I saw Roger's name and contact info from driving around the area. When I called, right away it was very comfortable with speaking with him. I was not a person that was buying a million dollar home but that did not matter - he put the same time and energy into it. Roger made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions....this was my 1st home so I had a lot of them! But my 1st experience buying was a great one! I could not have asked for a better agent! I'm sending everyone I can to Roger and his team. "
- Denise Perrier

"Roger Townsend was referred to me by my dearest friend. The very first day my daughter and I met Roger we knew that he was the right person to help us look for our first home. I am a single mother, who has been renting for the past 20 years, we have moved more times than I can remember. I never thought that I could afford my own home, needless to say, 'I was scared out of my wits at the very thought of being a home owner'. At our very first meeting Roger was able to assure me that I can do it and there was nothing to worry about! Roger was always very professional, he never pressured me to make a decision although we saw numerous homes, some we saw a couple times. Sometimes when I would get a little frustrated not finding what we really wanted, Roger was able to motivate me to continue. In just a couple months we were able to decide on a home that is suitable for our needs. A home we now love and enjoy! Roger directed me through every step of the process, which made everything so much easier. He even called while on vacation with his family to make sure that everything was ok. This is just one of the outstanding things that Roger will do! I bless the day that Roger came into my life and will recommend him to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home! Roger is patient, kind, respectful, understand, a problem solver, very professional and truly a blessing!"
- Lynette Cupidore

"It was evident from the start that Roger had our best interest at heart. My family and I are profoundly appreciative that we were exposed to the opportunity of having Roger to express our Real Estate needs.This experience has surpassed our expectation due to Roger's high standards and commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We remain stunned by the fact that Roger made time to return all our phone calls and responded to all emails expeditiously. Roger never once came up short of the answers to our questions.It is indeed a pleasure to have such an awesome Gentleman with such outstanding character working on our behalf. We highly rate and recommend Mr.Townsend to anyone needing the service of a fine Real Estate Agent."
- B.Bryan & family

"Ok minus the fact that the picture is aweful- Roger you are amazing at what you do. You do not just find houses for people you find Homes. It was a great pleasure working with you then and I am looking forward to working with you in the future! You were not just there for a quick sale but you listen and found the perfect home. From my family to yours, Thank you :)"
- Alana Carter

"Hey where's my pics? I'm another satisfied customer too!!"
- Karline James-George

"My wife and I needed to find our first house to purchase that we could both call home. With the help of friends and family, we were referred to Mr. Townsend. He set up a meeting where he asked us our preference of home, our area of choice, and most importantly how our credit was. Within minutes after he checked the information that we gave him, he told us that there were a few properties on the market, and that we could start seeing them after he made a few calls. We were off to see the first of about 20 properties that were showed to us, over a 3 week period. (Man the showings went great with his efficient calm manner).  Now to the hard part (or so we thought). The negotiation was handled with the same smooth professionalism as with all other matters in connection to the house purchasing. The offer was accepted and everything was finished just as cool, calm, and professionally as the process started with. Thanks to Mr. Townsend Professional Manor in handling our affairs. We would recommend him to anyone, First time buyers or not. Thanks Again to Roger for making this experience a great one, we love the house we have and plan to stay for a long time."
- Lisa & Gavin Delph

"I was taking a big step of selling my house in Ajax and I needed to buy a Condo in Brampton. My Daughter-in law sent me Roger’s name as a referral. I sent him an email and in 2 minutes he replied back. I gave him the area in Brampton I wanted to live and the price range I was looking for. Within minutes he sent me a list of Condos to view. With all the emails and faxing back and forth, I got the Condo I wanted and loved. Thanks to Roger I have my Retirement home! For your hard work, experience and for being an honest person, I do thank you."
- Jennifer Fagan

"Hi Roger, it was hard to let go of Seminole but I am moving on. It was a pleasure working with you and I would recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks to Maryann for her referral. Thank you for all your hard work. Good Job Roger!!"
- Giovanna Imbrogno

"It was a pleasure working with Roger during the sale of my home. He was extremely helpful and patient; it was the first time I'd ever been through the process, and he walked me through all the necessary steps. I am grateful that he was able to provide so much flexibility during what was a very hectic time for me so that we could achieve my desired end result. I would definitely work with Roger again in the future!"
- Louisa Parrilo

"Roger Townsend allowed me to have such a positive and stress-free first-time home buying experience. He was patient enough to be in touch with me for about three years as I became more and more mentally and financially ready for this huge jump. He was so supportive in making sure I was comfortable, made sure that we looked at homes that I would actually potentially be interested in, and took me around in his own car for a while since my car became out of commission on our first day out.

He held my hand every step of the way and was 100% honest with me. He wasn't pushy, but he would let his opinion be known considering his understanding of who I was, what I was looking for, and the options in the market right now. After a short 3 weeks, the house I bought was the one that he had a very strong feeling about for me. Although it lacked one thing, which was moreso a perk anyway, it had EVERYTHING else on my list of 7 or 8 items. I was very surprised, yet happy!

The paperwork stage was stress-free because I just relied on Roger to guide me, and he did so well. Being a man of God in action, not just in name, I really felt that I could trust him to take care of me. He always made it clear to me that if I needed anything, or clarification on anything, that he was available, and he was!

Even after the sale, Roger and I still keep in contact and I really feel like I gained a house AND a friend. I'm very thankful that God sent this man to help me with this very important purchase. All my referrals will go to Roger Townsend. Thanks, Rog!"

- Sheena Greaves

"Roger was extremely honest and showed great patience when dealing with my needs. He was never more that a phone call, text or email away. He went above and beyond the call of duty by looking after my needs during non-regular business hours. His knowledge and experience in the market is extraordinary which helped my decision when finally selecting a property. His million dollar smile and friendly approach made what is usually a stressful process, veritable enjoyable."
- Leo Whyte

"I recently moved to Toronto and needed to find a condo to rent very quickly. I was referred to Roger, who helped me acquire a great location in a very short time frame. Roger is great at what he does; he listens to his clients and understands the value of timely communication. I would definitely use Roger again in the future."
- Stephen Maharaj

"We met Roger quite sometime ago, prior to his real estate career. After several years of not seeing him we gave him a call so he could help us find our home. It only took us about two weeks and we have purchased a home that our family will enjoy! We would highly recommend Roger and definately contact him should we need his expertise in Real Estate again! Thank you Roger!"
- Gayle, Glen, & Shelbie McNeil

"Brother, I want to let you know that you are very skilled in your field. I consider you one of the best and I thank you for looking out for my best interests. Blessings to you and the family."
- Kwame Lennon

"Roger Townsend has done it again for us!  Roger helped us greatly to put our house on the market at the perfect time. We followed his advice from staging to what areas in our home we should highlight. As always he was professional, knowledgeable, and all the while personable. What more can one ask for? Literally, we received offers... yes, offers with an "s" the first day our home was listed. Again, we followed his advice and waited until our open house. Needless to say, Roger's negotiating tactics worked highly in our favour, with an offer we couldn't resist. Job well done, Mr. Townsend!"
- Makesha Roberts

"Through his determination and efficiency in assisting my wife and I find our first home, Roger has defined the perfect balance between business professionalism and friendship. His ability to put our best interests first remained consistent, which allowed us to feel extremely comfortable in seeking out and purchasing a home. Just a few of Roger's many strong characteristics as a professional in the industry are Communication, Knowledge and most of all Trust.  What stood out to us most about Roger was that although this was the greatest purchase decision my wife and I had ever made; Roger's main concern was not the extent of his profitability, but ensuring that we were comfortable with both the home and our personal budget concerning all house related costs. With all of this being said, not only will we use Roger in our next home purchase but we highly recommend him to anyone we know that is in the market to buy a home!"
- Duriel Cooper

"It was beyond a pleasure and good experience to work with Roger in the purchase of our first home. Not only did he take the time to really understand our desirables in looking for homes, but he provided honest feedback on the homes he took us to see. He went beyond trying to just get us to settle for a 'house' and really helped us find a 'home.' Thanks again!"
- Sanjeev & Melkis Dutt

"I am excited to report that once again we are the recipients of enormous blessings as a result of having the Townsend Team to represent us during the negotiation of our real estate transaction. Roger helped us to have our house well prepared for the market so it was no surprise that our property was sold within days of putting it on the market and for a price that still sounds too good to be true. I never imagined that one property could have generated such high number of potential buyers within such short period. Roger is amazing and we thank God for the day we decided to select Roger as our agent. Roger I want you to know that my wife and I esteem you highly for your honesty and the high level of professionalism you have at your disposal. I make it a point to boast that we have the best Real Estate Agent in Town. Best wishes and many thanks to you for another job well done."
- Basil Bryan

"As a first time home buyer, Roger Townsend made the experience stress free. After seeing 50 homes (yes I kept all the listing we visited) I can say he was very PATIENT and understanding to what I wanted with my budget. He was there to answer all my questions and concerns regardless of where he was. I will definitely be seeking Roger's assistance when I buy and sell, and top of my list of referrals. Thanks again Roger."
- Natasha Caesar

"We were referred to Roger by a good friend who is also a client of Rogers'. We were looking at buying our first home together, and inundated Roger with a list of questions and criteria. Roger was more than willing to answer all of our questions and put things into perspective. He was very honest in giving us feedback on listings, something most realtors won't do, which really made us feel that we made the right decision in acquiring Roger's help. Roger ended up finding us a home that matched all the criteria that we had given him and more. He's gone above and beyond what we could have asked from him...Thank you so much! We love our new home, and look forward to working with you again in the future!"
- Sonia & Asim Siddiqui

"Thank you Roger for helping us purchase our first home. You really made this an amazing first experience and you ALWAYS had our best interest at heart and truly listened and helped us decipher what was best for us. Can't say that about many agents in the business. You are one in a million my friend. Blessings."
- Ranjeev & Keesha Dutt

"Roger is no cookie cutter real estate agent, he is the best real estate agent in the business for a number of reasons but most importantly because of his integrity, professionalism and commitment to delivering a client experience that keeps one informed and confident they and their family are being taken care of. His knowledge of the real estate industry is invaluable and he’s is always looking out for his clients best interest. By providing options based on individual client needs and walking you through the process there were never any doubt I was in capable hands. I trusted Roger so much with the sale of my home that I automatically reached out to him when I decided to purchase another property. Again, his valuable advice and understanding of the market and new builds allowed me to purchase me new home seamlessly. Thank you Roger for being honest, educating me and always responding to my phone calls and emails. Purchasing/Selling a home can be an emotional rollercoaster and you were always there to listen and support me. I have the best real estate agent in the business and now I have a friend as well."
- Nadia Sharma

"In early 2012 we approach The Townsend Team with an interest to purchase our first home; Roger advised us of the necessary steps and finances needed to make this happen. In September we began the search for our ideal home. As we were first time home buyers with limited knowledge of the process of purchasing a home; Roger thoroughly educated us and guided us step by step. We had specifics that we wanted in our first home and Roger was resourceful in scheduling us to see homes that met those needs. He was very patient with our many "No's" and "not this one". As a good friend he show great professionalism, experience, knowledge and was accessible to answer all our questions. Roger's main interest was ensuring we were satisfied with our choice and YES, we are very happy with the purchase of our new home. We highly recommend the Townsend Team to help you make the right move!"
- Eli & Keisha Manga

"Roger came highly recommended and he quickly proved why!  The services and support he provided was a refreshing experience! We were unfamiliar with the process of selling. Roger explained each step and suggested minor changes that prepared our home to sell in just 3 days at full asking price!  His team of designers, contractors and professional cleaning services were a delight to work with!  I look forward to working with Roger again and sharing this experience with my friends and family!"
- Marlin Henry & Tasha Chin

"Whether you're a first timer or tenured in the real estate market Roger is your man. Roger has guided me through 1 sale and 2 purchases of property and each step of the way his expertise in the market and knowledge has provided me with valuable insight in my decision making. With Rogers's commitment and support I have passed thorough the gateway to 'investment property' and am excited for what the future holds. His professional attitude and level of trust has resulted in a partnership that I know will continue to grow into a lifelong friendship. If Roger is not your real estate agent then you got the wrong one....."
- Nadia Sharma

"Roger made buying my first home a great experience. He helped at every stage along the way until I had the keys in my hands. He was hard working and professional, and I would recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling a home."
- Alison Bennett

"We were looking for a great rental in a upscale neighbourhood and Roger really helped us to find what we needed in a short period of time. He was also very helpful with our negotiations with the landlord and both parties were satisfied. Thanks for your great work."
- James G.